Sotones 10 Cover

Sotones 10 Double LP

The record is a gatefold double LP, set to be released on 27th of October with a listening party at Vinilo Record Store in Southampton.

The cover was designed by Emma and Russell from Band of Skulls, with Matt Canning from The Diamond Age designing and Mac Ince writing the liner notes, below.

Sotones 10 features 16 tracks, from current Sotones artists and long time collaborators, and will also be available for download and streaming.

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Listening Party - 27th October - Vinilo Records

Come join us for a first listen and to pick up your copy of the record at Vinilo Records, 55 Queensway Southampton, SO14 3BL

Virginia and Ken opened up Vinilo Records this August, combining their love of music, lifestyle & design for Southampton to fall in love with vinyl again.


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Side 2

Side 3

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Liner Notes

10 year anniversary you say?

A love letter to Sotones...

There are lots of cities like Southampton. Most have amazing casts of characters all doing their own awesome creative outlets. Lots of them help each other out too, and gladly give favours without the intention of trading it back in.

What makes Southampton any different? Sotones, that's what. And they can do everything. They're promoters, graphic designers, recording engineers, lawyers--you name it. In bringing everyone together, you create something bigger and stronger than sporadic well-meaning snippets.

Change is inevitable, but this cooperative is resilient. Despite changes in membership over the last 10 years, (not just in the artist roster but the whole gambit of music industry skills they have) life still pumps through the team. And isn't that the true measure of Sotones's success? It's not about making bloated pompous rockstars of their label mates, it is that longevity.

In the last 10 years, Southampton, like any other city, has seen its fair share of record labels and promoters come and go. Through all this, Sotones has been a shining stalwart helping the independent music scene. There's no big secret as to why Sotones are still here. It's not just through bloody minded immature determination, their provenance holds something truly special: Friendship. A friendship of cooperation, and of support. There's a selfless devotion to keeping the talent surfacing. I've had so many conversations with different members of Sotones, and one thing that always comes through is the work they are doing for the other artists. No self-seeking egoists need apply.

There's something reassuring about still having Sotones on the scene. Helping make our little city special. Still putting on interesting shows, and releasing awesome records, like this one. What's coming up next? Another 10 years?

- Mac Ince